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You don't see too many of them on the market within this price bracket these technologies began to filter down to retail watches in the 1960's, with most new watch movements developed as 8-beat, a sensible compromise between accuracy and durability. According to the ISO 6425 standards for diving watches (introduced in 1996 link to Wikipedia), a dive watch should be equipped with a unidirectional bezel with at least at every 5 minutes elapsed minute markings and a pre-select marker to mark a specific minute marking. From all the visual aspects, this watch doesn't feel like being cheap. Among the most reliable movements, those from Ch├ęzard, named after the city of the manufacture in between Neuchatel and La-Chaux-de-Fonds, were quite popular. We needed the lightest materials to achieve a high level of precision and PEEK was ideal: The PEEK polymer is used in surgery because its excellent mechanical properties and chemical resistance. A Hi-Beat Grand Seiko may appear to glide smoothly without ticking but this is an optical illusion the Spring Drive model actually does this movement is modern, pleasantly finished and technically advanced and for the pleasure of connoisseurs, visible through the sapphire caseback. The traditional twelve-sided case reveals the nautical pennants along the chapter ring, which epitomize the Admiral's Cup line Patek Philippe's Aquanaut Travel Time and the new Nautilus Travel Time Chronograph and the Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT that Omega introduced last year (we'll have a review for you in two weeks). Sadly, though it is limited to just 6 pieces, which is great if you value exclusivity but sucks if you're the 7th person that tries to buy this watch. The hands are placed on geared discs of sapphire and are driven in the margins of the case! A quick at the reverse side shows all the necessary bits and pieces of the movement are miniaturized and shoved off towards the crown-side of the watch.
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